Your investment property is rented out professionally and quickly

When you have purchased an investment property, it is of course essential to rent the property to sustainable and reliable tenants as quickly as possible. Our professional competence enables us to ensure that your building is occupied quickly and carefully. After all, an expert approach is necessary to achieve a good return.

During the non-committal intake interview on location, we will determine a commercial and maximum rent in accordance with the rent legislation after inspecting the living space. After agreeing the monthly rent of the living space, we use the following method.

 If you want to rent out your home, studio, apartment or room in the short term, you can always contact us for a professional and honest rental process.

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Step 1
Before an investment property can be rented out, it must first be fully rented out. After all, you want your tenants to be able to stay in a safe and pleasant home. You can think of cleaning, fire safety, adequate ventilation, upholstery etc. Every building is unique and will therefore be viewed per case.

Step 2
After the rent has been determined in accordance with the rent legislation, professional photos will be taken. These are placed on various websites and social media channels with a detailed description.

Step 3
A viewing appointment is planned with the carefully selected and screened tenants. As soon as the right match has been created, a legally correct rental agreement will be drawn up.







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Step 4
During the commencement of the rental period, an initial rental inspection / inventory and key transfer will also take place. By means of this form, digitally added photo reportage and inventory list, the state and content of the home is recorded. As a result, no discussions can arise afterwards.


Step 5

The tenant will deliver the property to us at the end of the rental period. We will thoroughly inspect the property for any imperfections and receive the keys.

Step 6

We speak of successful mediation when the tenant has been screened and withdrawn. We will ensure that the deposit and the first month's rent will be paid to you as the landlord.
The fee for this service is one month's rent excluding 21% VAT with a minimum rental period of 1 year.



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