Sell your property

You have decided to sell your property, what now? There is a lot going on. The sale of your home can only succeed with the right approach. Housing sales require knowledge and experience. We can assist you in the technical, financial, fiscal and legal fields. Together we do the preparation for the sale of your property. You know your home the best and we know the market like no other.

Of course you want to ask the right price for your home. But what is a good price? To advise you on this, we conduct research into the following issues:

  • Assessment of technical condition and maintenance
  • Assessment of living environment and location
  • Inventory of financial charges, special provisions and environmental aspects
  • Investigation into the functioning of the Association of Owners and the level of the reserve fund
  • Assessment of market position, supply and demand
  • Research price comparison sold homes and
  • Assessment of energy efficiency through an energy label

The outcome is an asking price that benefits you the most: a realistic asking price.

We do not just put a plate in the garden. We do much more than that. We determine the sales strategy in consultation with you, based on, among other things, the market situation and the timeframe within which you want to sell the property. The choice of publicity resources has been expanded:

  • Publication on different home search websites
  • Publicity through our social media channels
  • Direct mailing to registered home seekers and network
  • The notice board in your garden or against your facade
  • Photo report with unlimited number of photos

The compensation for the sale of your home is always customized. These depend on which (partial) service you want to receive from us. No start-up costs are charged.