To sell

Your real estate agent for a carefree and smooth sale

You have decided to sell your investment property, what now?

A lot is coming your way. The sale can only succeed with the right approach. Successful sales require knowledge, experience and wealthy relationships. We can assist you in construction, financial, fiscal and legal matters. Together we prepare for the sale of your property. You know your property best and we know the market like no other.

Of course you want to ask the right price for your building. But what is a good price? To advise you on this, we do research into the following:

  • Assessment technical condition and maintenance
  • Assessment of residential environment and location
  • Inventory of financial charges, special provisions and environmental aspects
  • Determining the economic market value by means of rental income
  • Advise any environmental permit application
  • Research into the functioning of the Owners' Association and the amount of the reserve fund
  • Assessment of market position, supply and demand
  • Investigate price comparison of sold properties
  • Assessment of energy efficiency through an energy label

The result is an asking price that will benefit you the most: a realistic asking price.

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We also determine the sales strategy and asking price in consultation with you, based on factors such as the market situation and the time frame within which you want to sell the property. The choice of publicity means is extensive:

  • Publication on various search websites
  • Publicity through our social media channels
  • Direct mailing to relation file and network
  • The notice board in your garden or against your facade
  • Photo reportage with unlimited number of photos

Of course it is also always possible to place your building in the ''silent sale''. Hereby we offer your investment property in person to our network of investors, who we know will be interested in your property. Your home will not end up on the public / online consumer market. Your property is therefore only offered directly to investors.

When selling your investment property, we therefore completely relieve you and we take the entire process off your hands. Of course, everything goes naturally in consultation. The compensation for the sale of your investment property is always customized. These depend on which (partial) service you want to receive from us. No start-up costs are charged and work on the basis of '' No cure, no pay ''.



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